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Wednesday, April 14
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
K1 9:45 am-10:45 am WHAT'S NEXT FOR LINUX? ACHIEVING BROAD-SCALE LINUX DESKTOP ADOPTION Abstract: Enterprise Linux is not an island: it's a central component of tomorrow's technical infrastructure, encompassing everything from messaging systems to corporate databases and documents in a variety of standard formats. One of the most-watched and least-understood phenomena in the open source world is the viability of Linux-based desktops. This keynote presentation will provide an overview of the state of Linux desktop technology, identify and examine the sectors where Linux desktop deployments will work, the sectors where Linux desktop deployments will fail, and what you can expect from the Linux client world in the next year or two and how Novell is leading the way.
Speaker(s): Nat Friedman - Novell Ximian Service
K2 2:00 pm-2:50 pm THE FUTURE OF LINUX: TURNING THE VISION INTO REALITY Abstract: More and more customers are realizing the advantages of the low cost, reliability and scalability provided by Linux. Coppersmith will discuss HP's vision for Linux and how the company is using Linux to help customers increase the flexibility and adaptability of their infrastructures and build next-generation data centers. He will demonstrate how HP is partnering with customers for end-to-end Linux business solutions - including optimized IA-32 and IPF platforms; clusters and other high-availability solutions; management software; services for deploying, supporting, and managing Linux environments; and, the vital ecosystem of partners that is helping deliver this innovation. Dan Ryan, will introduce a real-life example of how the City of Calgary's IT Department has put to use HP's Linux platform to reduce costs while improving performance. Dan will present this case study in detail in seminar 317
Speaker(s): Dan Ryan - City of Calgary
Thursday, April 15
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
K3 9:45 am-10:45 am OPEN COMPUTING FOR E-BUSINESS ON DEMAND: AN EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE Abstract: Today the marketplace is more demanding and volatile than it has ever been. To compete and survive, businesses must adapt and respond to unprecedented changes. Specifically where delivering products, services and solutions - On Demand. Fundamental to increasing the adaptive nature of any enterprise, large or small, is open computing and standards. This is demonstrated by the thousands of organizations, including IBM, that have embraced Linux as the cornerstone of their on demand business strategy. In this keynote address, Ed Kilroy, President of IBM Canada Ltd., will provide insight into IBM's on demand strategy; the key role that open standards play in the execution of that strategy; and the benefits that IBM and its customers' have achieved by opening their organizations to the exciting era of e-business on demand.
Speaker(s): Ed Kilroy - IBM Canada Ltd.
K4 2:00 pm-2:50 pm FREE AND OPEN SOURCE: ITS PLACE IN BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT Abstract: Free and Open Source is the next step in software development. In the early days of computers, there was the era of "hand-crafted" software, then the era of "shrink-wrapped" software. Today the efficiencies of "shrink-wrapped" are being overwhelmed by the costs of changing your business to meet the needs of that particular software. The new model is choosing the software you need and using the money saved on non-payment of royalties to the manufacturers to tailor the software exactly to your needs using local software people. Find out how many world's governments and businesses are getting better service from their software providers, at lower costs, and with greater security.
Speaker(s): Jon "maddog" Hall - Linux International

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