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April 15 - 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

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Tuesday, April 13
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
T2 9:00 am-12:00 pm MAKING THE TRANSITION TO EMBEDDED LINUX DEVELOPMENT Abstract: Changes in the nature of embedded systems coupled with the sudden prominence of Linux provide an opportunity for programmers to move into the embedded systems arena. Using specific examples, this tutorial describes in detail the resources and steps necessary for programmers to make the transition to embedded Linux development. It focuses on the configuration and use of the development environment and discusses both the necessary software and hardware. Attention is on the interconnectivity between the Linux development workstation and the embedded target. Programmers without embedded systems experience will receive a clear path for the transition to a useable level of familiarity with embedded systems development.
Speaker(s): Richard Sevenich - Eastern Washington University
T6 1:15 pm-4:15 pm CARRIER GRADE LINUX Abstract: This tutorial will present an overview of the activities within the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to advance the case of Linux in the telecom space. Ibrahim, will discuss the characteristics of communication systems and telecom platforms and the motivations to have Linux power telecom platforms, the specification work in the Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) group in OSDL, and what the industry is doing to promote, design and develop Carrier Grade Linux. There will be a review the features/characteristics of carrier grade systems to see if and how Linux Clusters meet telecom requirements. The tutorial will address the continuing efforts in the Service Availability Forum and a quick summary of Ericsson's contributions to CGL. This tutorial will be of exceptional value to telecom managers, system designers, and researchers who want to learn more on the current status of Linux in telecom and how it's moving forward with the OSDL CGL efforts.
Speaker(s): Ibrahim Haddad - Ericsson Research Canada
Wednesday, April 14
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
213 3:00 pm-4:00 pm MAKING MOBILITY REAL Abstract: Audience: This presentation will will be of interest to anyone focused on the use, and/or development, of Linux and open source software mobility . Hear industry growth projections for Linux and Open Source Software (OSS). Learn about the 100,000+ open source projects in existence, represent ing a vast repository of reusable objects . The next growth vector will be mobile market growth. Through Intel's broad involvement in mobility and OSS projects, it has allowed them to obtain a different perspective across a wide swath of software technologies. Pete has seen the issues in how applications are developed for mobil platforms and his team has worked to create tools to make it easier to create mobil aware applications. They have created specifications to assist with power management, awareness of connectivity, different display sizes and remote synchronization. And have also done work in thread checking, performance and optimizations, performance libraries, and compilers, including optimizations for in board, platforms, processors, and chipsets. He will also describe their industry-wide initiative called the Mobilized Software Initiative.
Speaker(s): Peter Kronowitt - Intel

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