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Tuesday, April 13
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
T3 9:00 am-12:00 pm ANTI-SPAM FILTERING: CONFIGURING THE ENTERPRISE FOR SPEED & EFFICIENCY Abstract: In business, filtering e-mail for spam is a necessity. This tutorial will discuss Open Source tools administrators can use for e-mail filtering, including SpamAssassin, MIMEDefang, Sendmail and Perl. Learn: · steps for combining these tools and reducing spam · a system architecture for efficient spam and virus scanning in large mail environments · how to enable separate mail streams and individual user control over filtering preferences · knowledge of each of the OS tools their purpose, capabilities and drawbacks · how to integrate these tools into a cohesive mail filtering environment · tips & tricks about mail scanning and spam fighting The tutorial is for intermediate and advanced Linux administrators, a familiarity with Perl and Sendmail is recommended.
Speaker(s): David Skoll - Roaring Penguin Software Inc.
W7 1:15 pm-4:15 pm INSTALLATION AND CONFIGURATION - HANDS-ON Abstract: In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn by doing. Linux is no longer, a tangle of arcane commands, configuration nightmares, and lurking 'gotchas'. In fact, basic services are increasingly straightforward. The directive approach of the tutorial makes it of value for beginners; the topics make it appropriate for intermediate users. You will learn how easy basic setup can be, including networking, file sharing, web serving, etc., while learning the basics of the most important configuration files for more complex installations. Including: · how to install Linux across a network, and configure it for DHCP networking. · how to set up Linux/Windows networking and file sharing using Samba. · how to set up e-mail, a web server, a simple database using MySQL, and import and export documents using OpenOffice in GNOME. This tutorial/workshop is limited to 15 attendees; seating is on a first reserved basis. Bonus! Attendees will receive a copy of John's book
Speaker(s): John Lathrop - Linux Leap
Wednesday, April 14
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
205 8:30 am-9:30 am THE OPA SUCCESS STORY Abstract: The OPA (Online Proposal Appraisal) story is a case study about the rationale of Open Source methods from the perspective of a project founder and shows how small projects can be architected and managed in valuable, sustainable collaborations. In 1999-2000, OPA Version 1.0 was created and delivered under budget and ahead of schedule as a ColdFusion/MSAccess application to the MINGA Program of IDRC (International Development Research Centre). Deliberate business and IM/IT architectural decisions of the team lead to one of the first official GNU-GPL software releases by the Government of Canada. In 2000 it was advanced to Version 2.0 based on requirements and funding from the Global Development Network of the World Bank. A year later ported by a KinCite Inc. team in Europe and Africa to PHP/MySQL to run on Linux/Apache. In 2003, version 2.0 was ported to Java/MySQL by Omoli Inc of New Jersey and Toronto.
Speaker(s): Joseph Potvin - Public Works and Government Services Canada
210 11:00 am-11:50 am USING LINUX AS A WEB SERVICES PLATFORM Abstract: Why organizations should consider Linux as a Web services platform? Gain a competitive edge, learn how to transform limited single-purpose applications and data services into open Web services, and share them beyond the firewall to reach new customers - all by leveraging Novell exteNd* 5, Novell's latest Web application development suite provides cross-platform support for a wide range of application servers - including WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat and exteNd - and integrates with secure identity management offerings.
Speaker(s): Albert Hsu - Novell Canada Ltd.
215 3:00 pm-4:00 pm LEGAL ISSUES IN OPEN SOURCE LICENSING Abstract: Technology lawyer Arshia Tabrizi goes beyond the myths & misunderstandings about dangers of using Linux & Open Source software and answers questions including: Do I have to license back my modifications? Can I do anything I want with Open Source software? Can I keep the copyright in my code? Topics covered: · history and concept of Open Source software · copyright protection for software products · software licensing from a business and legal perspective · analysis of licensing issues for Linux under GPL & LGPL · other Open Source licenses (BSD, Perl etc.) and distinguishing factors · licensing your product using Open Source and Innovative Business Models · SCO litigation regarding Copying of Code from Unix into Linux
Speaker(s): Arshia Tabrizi - Tabrizi Law Office
220 4:15 pm-5:15 pm OPEN SOURCE WEB AND INTERNET SOLUTIONS FOR OS X Abstract: Are you considering an Open Source approach to deploying web strategies for your business or customers? Mac OS X Server incorporates the best of Open Source and open standards for building and deploying web-based services, along with incredible stability and power of a traditional UNIX-based environment. Learn how the BSD base of Mac OS X delivers Open Source power to the Macintosh platform and seamlessly fits into a heterogeneous networks of machines, including Windows and Linux. Discover more about Mac OS Xs out-of-box web services that provide web managers with flexibility in building services. Receive information on the new Xcode Developer Tools that come with Mac OS X Panther and the newly enhanced management features that make administering services on OS X incredibly easy. This in-depth seminar is specifically designed for web specialists and service providers.
Speaker(s): Bruce Hough - Apple

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