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Tuesday, April 13
SESSION TIME TITLE Session Information
T4 9:00 am-12:00 pm LINUX CUSTOMIZATION: 3 CASE STUDIES Abstract: Understanding a Linux system is only the beginning: the next step is to customize it to your needs. This tutorial will provide the specific details of how three very different systems were built from the same stock base installation. This tutorial is unique as it provides the big picture and the nitty-gritty details that other reference resources do not cover. Learn: · how to construct a secure, highly functional firewall server, a RAID-based disk server, and a game-oriented arcade-style system · concrete, real-world insight into how easy and challenging it is to customize a basic Linux system for a variety of applications · participants will be able to replicate the systems, or create their own variants Bonus! Be one of the first 35 attendees to Get a free copy of Dan's book
Speaker(s): Dan Morrill -
T8 1:15 pm-4:15 pm FULL COST ACCOUNTING METHODOLOGY FOR IT PROJECTS: YOU PAID WHAT??! Abstract: Based on the pre-publication draft report of an international workshop held in Ottawa this year senior executives and IT management participants in government and enterprise will learn about emerging guidelines for "Full Cost Accounting" (FCA) in the IT sector, and the implications for their IT operations. FCA an advanced Accrual Accounting method extends assessment and reporting beyond obvious costs for direct deliverables, to a set of logically related downstream or indirect financial costs and benefits, including overhead, capital costs, cost avoidance and cost sharing opportunities. FCA gives IT decision-makers the ability to anticipate and track if indirect or downstream factors (upgrades, planned obsolescence, bug /debugging, security vulnerabilities and patching, user learning and re-training, vendor lock-in and non-conformance with open standards, jerry-rigging and refactoring, complexity and barriers to integration, etc.), could be pushing your costs beyond budget, deliveries past due dates, results below expectations. IT maintenance costs have led to demand for greater accountability in IT decision-making. FCA provides a way for senior management to communicate about enterprise-level ROI, and positive or negative "externalities".
Speaker(s): Joseph Potvin - Public Works and Government Services Canada

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